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What is a #1 Google Ranking Worth

May 7, 2008

Being a scientist at heart I simply love when somebody provides information that makes be better at quantifying and predicting th evalue of my efforts. Thats why I am a big fan of:

Gilb’s Law: Anything you need to quantify can be measured in some way that is superior to not measuring it at all

Therefore I will use todays post to credit Aaron Wall from Seobook for his great article:

How Much Money is a Top Google Ranking Worth to Your Business?

As a short apetizer, here is an extract on how you could estimate the value of going from #5 to #1:

Quote:Patrick, a moderator on our community forums, runs a Bingo Card Creator website which recently ranked #5 in Google for bingo cards.

  • A #5 ranking sent him 6,000 unique visitors per month.
  • A #1 spot, using the leaked AOL search data (referenced later in this document), is worth 8.5 times what #5 is. 6,000 * 8.5 = ~50,000 uniques per month
  • His site currently makes $40 for every 1,000 pageviews.
  • His estimated income from ranking #1 for [bingo cards]: $2,000 a month.

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A Clever Internet Marketer Is Trying to Trademark “SEO”

April 9, 2008

As you might know SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, andĀ had beenĀ used for ages to describe whatever it is SEO experts do. The acronym is comparable to the acronym CMS for the content management industry.

No, figure: Some guy has applied to get SEO registered as a trademark, and has gotten so close that it is scary. You can read fthe full story by Sarah Bird here:

It is scary but intereseting reading on some of the absuridities in our high tech world…