Asp.Net Memory Limit

I saw this question today from Nick Simpson at I couldn’t see where to reply so I hope it is okay that I take it here:

Subject: ASP .NET Memory Limit.


I have a couple of web sites on a single Windows 2003 server running ASP.NET 1.1.
The /3GB switch is set in boot.ini and the ASPNETENABLE3GB environment variable is also set. The machine.config has the default memoryLimit on the processModel node of 60.  So does that mean that my web apps have up to a maximum of 3GB RAM to play with each – 1.8GB max if i leave the machine.config setting as it is – expandable to a full 3GB per web app (assuming separate app pools) without worry of adversely affecting performance on that box? 

Is this limit per instance of the w3wp process, or for ASP .NET overall, or indeed for applications on that box overall?

I thought this was per process until i observed our box (with two sites – at 400MB and 800MB – separate app pools) throw loads of OutOfMemory exceptions. This was prior to the /3GB switch being in place – the limit would have been 1.2GB then – 60% of 2GB – but OutOfMemory exceptions were thrown when the combined amount of memory usage for all w3wp process instances were getting near to 1.2GB, and not when either of the two web sites individually were reaching 1.2GB. Am i misunderstanding something or is the memory limit for ASP .NET overall? 

I have read the following article but still find my questions unanswered:  Our server currently has 4GB RAM. We are getting a new one. Would it just be a waste of money getting a new server with 8GB RAM?

Will ASP .NET 2.0 and 64 bit Windows add anything new in this respect?  Thanks for your help,  Nick 

Hi Nick

In man article called “Understanding Asp.Net memory” here on my blog, I described how memoryLimit was changed from machine.config to a setting called “Maximum memory used” in the IIS manager of IIS 6.0 which is default in Windows 2003. So instead of setting a percentage you just set this setting to an amount of megabytes specific to each application pool. When using memoryLimit in IIS 5.0 you should be aware that Microsoft recommends that it is set to “the smaller of 60% and 800 MB” which is 800 MB on a machine with 2GB memory. Leaving it at 60% equal to 1200 MB increase the risk of OOM errors. Not that I believe this is the cause to your problems as I guess you are running IIS 6.0.

On the other hand, If “Maximum memory used” is not set at all, it is equal to not having a memoryLimit at all which can cause OOM’s anyway. The 3GB memory space you have with the 3GB switch is for each application pool, so when you experience an OOM it is for that single application pool not both pools together.

However, “OutOfMemory Exception” can happen for a lot of different reasons (none of them documented very well). As you can see in my other article: “Multiple Application Pools impact on Virtual Memory and Pagefile Size“, you will start to get OOM’s if you run out of physical memory and pagefile. What exacttly caused the OOM’s on your box is hard to say without deeper investigation, it could be lack og either virtual memory (on the app pool) or lack of physical memory (for the OS). You can’t just run an endless number of application pools on a box. And at some point adding an extra application pool will impact performance because memory is swapped to disk. 

Best regards

Jesper Jørgensen,


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